seal plates

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92280003 Seal Plate Val-Pak Aquaflo Dominator

Seal Plate, Val-Pak AquaFlo Dominator 35-402-1216 92280003

Flange Val-Pak AquaFlo AC Series 3.0-5.0hp 91140000

Flange, Val-Pak AquaFlo AC Series, 3.0-5.0hp 35-402-1500 91140000

Motor Mount Hayward Matrix SPX5500EA

Motor Mount, Hayward Matrix 35-150-3255 SPX5500EA

Seal Plate 4 Bolt Power Right SealPlateSmPR

Seal Plate for Power-Right 9071X Dually pumps. 35-550-1080 SealPlateSmPR

Seal Plate 5 Bolt Power Right 56 Frame SealPlateLgPRF56

Compatible with Marathon motors only. Please be sure which wet end you have. This can be checked by measuring the thru-bolt holes. The center-hole to center-hole measurement for Marathon motor compatible wet ends is 4-3/16". The center-hole to center-hole measurement for AOS or U.S motors compatible wet ends is 4-1/8". 35-550-1073 SealPlateLgPRF56

Seal Plate 5 Bolt Power Right Dually 48fr/56fr Forward-Side SealPlateLgPRF

Forward-Side Seal Plate for Power-Right Dually pumps. 35-550-1070 SealPlateLgPRF

Seal Plate 5 Bolt Power Right Dually 48fr/56fr Reverse-Side SealPlateLgPRR

Reverse-Side Seal Plate for Power-Right Dually pumps. 35-550-1075 SealPlateLgPRR

Seal Plate Balboa Vico Super Flo 0.5-0.75hp 1211012

Seal Plate, Balboa Vico Super Flo, 0.5-0.75hp 35-430-1125 1211012

Seal Plate Balboa Vico Ultima 1-7/16" Wide 3.0hp/4.0hp 1211009

Seal Plate for Balboa/Vico Ultima pumps. 35-430-1023 1211009

Seal Plate Balboa Vico Ultimax 48 Frame/56 Frame 1211027

Seal Plate for Balboa/Vico Ultimax 48 and 56 frame pumps. 35-430-1056 1211027

Seal Plate Hayward Viper After 2004 AX5060B2


Seal Plate Jacuzzi Cygnet pre 11/02 11-1520-00-K

Seal Plate, Jacuzzi Cygnet, pre 11/02 35-105-1430 11-1520-00-K

Seal Plate Jacuzzi L LH LR 02-1388-08-R

Seal Plate, Jacuzzi L, LH, LR 35-105-1940 02-1388-08-R

Seal Plate Jacuzzi Magnum 0.5hp Pre 12/04 02-1366-04-R

Seal Plate, Jacuzzi Magnum, 0.5hp, Pre 12/04 35-105-1126 02-1366-04-R

Seal Plate Jacuzzi Magnum 0.75thp-1.0thp All Date Codes 02-1393-01-R

Seal Plate, Jacuzzi Magnum, 0.75thp-1.0thp All Date Codes 35-105-1130 02-1393-01-R

Seal Plate Jacuzzi Magnum 1.5hp Pre 12/04 02-1367-03-R

Seal Plate, Jacuzzi Magnum, 1.5hp, Pre 12/04 35-105-1131 02-1367-03-R

Seal Plate Jacuzzi Magnum 1.5thp-5.0thp All Date Codes 02-1392-02-R

Seal Plate, Jacuzzi Magnum, 1.5thp-5.0thp All Date Codes 35-105-1125 02-1392-02-R