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Spa Wand Polaris 5-100-00

SpaWand® by Zodiac - A simple and effective hand-held cleaning device for pool and spa Features: Hand operated vacuum action Easy to remove and clean filter screen Available in three models: SpaWand (5-100-00): for residential use, see 80-100-1780 SpaWand Pro (5-200-00): fiberglass construction for professional use, available by special order SpaWand Pro XL (5-300-00): 12 inch longer version of the SpaWand Pro, available by special order 80-100-1780

Thermometer Floating 82-127-1200

Thermometer, Floating 82-127-1200

Thermometer Floating Submersible with cord B8155

Thermometer, Floating, Submersable, w/cord 82-127-1220 B8155

Thermometer Hanging 82-127-1215

Thermometer, Hanging 82-127-1215